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Wrongful Death


When someone dies as a result of an accident caused by someone else, the surviving family can recover by a “wrongful death claim.” North Carolina laws (statutes) strictly spell out the rights of recovery when someone is killed. Those laws are complicated. At Dixon & Thompson Law PLLC, we know how to interpret those laws and how to handle wrongful death cases. Contact our North Carolina wrongful death attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation.

At Dixon & Thompson Law PLLC, in Edenton, we help families deal with the devastation caused by the death of a loved one killed in a car accident or truck accident, on-the-job, by the negligence of a doctor, in an airplane crash, or by a dangerous product.

For many years Mr. Dixon and Mr. Thompson have guided spouses, children, and parents through the complicated and nerve-wracking steps of making insurance claims, settling insurance disputes or trials.

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If you have lost a loved one in an accident, and you have questions about what to do next, contact the North Carolina wrongful death lawyers at Dixon & Thompson Law PLLC for a free initial consultation.

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