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Car Accidents


Accidents on highways and roads are the primary cause of accidental injury and death in America. Wrecks cost the American public billions of dollars every year. Whether caused by carelessness, driver fatigue, lack of attention, speed, or drunk driving, accidents do not just wreck cars they wreck lives. Catastrophic injuries keep people from being able to work and provide for their families and prevent people from spending time with their families and friends.

If you or a family member have been in an accident, contact our North Carolina car accident lawyers today for a free initial consultation.

At Dixon & Thompson Law PLLC, our attorneys have worked for decades making sure people injured in wrecks get full, fair compensation. Sanford Thompson spent 12 years representing insurance companies. With our insurance experience we know it’s essential to understand and pursue all the insurance coverage available when someone is injured in a wreck. Otherwise, victims of wrecks do not get treated fairly by the insurance companies of drivers who caused the wrecks or by their own insurance companies if they have spent their hard earned dollars for uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage.

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We also handle cases in which people have been injured on the road in trucking accidents and serious workers’ compensation cases where workers were injured in wrecks. If you have been in a wreck, contact our North Carolina car accident attorneys today for a free initial consultation.

“I am not one to leave reviews but I couldn't be happier with this service. I am so thankful and appreciative to have hired Mr. Samuel Dixon to represent me in two different counties where I was ticketed and mandated to appear in court. I am out of state and to appear myself was not an option. Unlike other local lawyers from the area, Mr. Dixon was very patient and informative about the entire process. This meant so much to me considering I don't interact with the court system at all and felt very overwhelmed researching and trying to do it on my own. Mr. Dixon answered my call personally even AFTER HOURS (7pm!!) the very first time I contacted him. Our initial consultation was comforting and he reduced my stress as he explained the process in a way I could understand. He handled my case before the court dates and that lifted my worries about the outcome, which he was ultimately successful in reducing my tickets and avoiding the reports to my insurance and license. Mr. Dixon’s rates were appropriate and it is completely worth the cost of his services considering if my insurance increased it would have been drastically more expensive over the course of 3 years. I would completely recommend Samuel Dixon for legal services and his experience and expertise saved me time and money.” — Jenay (More reviews)