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Business Litigation


Businesses are faced with many situations which present the potential for litigation or, unfortunately, end up in lawsuits. The situations may arise from contract disputes, changes of ownership, mistreatment of minority shareholders, non-compete clauses or business dissolution.

At Dixon & Thompson Law, we’ve helped people and businesses find and achieve solutions to complex problems. Often there are alternatives which are cheaper and quicker than full-blown lawsuits; sometimes those options are only available to clients because their lawyers are known as capable in the courtroom. We provide discrete counsel and will help you find options.

If you have a question about a problem at your business, contact us.

“Mr. Dixon has represented me and my business interests for over twelve years. He has provided legal counsel on a variety of matters both personal and commercial. Moreover, Mr. Dixon has regularly offered reliable insights and assistance on a range of matters associated with the conduct of my (real estate development) business and the state and local regulation of same.” — Sam (More reviews)